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Help! Intermittent internal network connectivity issue

I recently deployed a Cisco Aironet and users that are connecting to it are experiencing issues accessing resources on the local network intermittently, but they do NOT have any issues connecting to the Internet.  When the issue is occurring I can successfully ping a public IP address, but not a specific internal address of a network share from a wireless device that is experiencing the issue.  I've confirmed it is not an issue with the network share because I can successfully ping it from another machine (wired) while the issue is occurring on the wireless device.  Internal connectivity will resume after about 20 seconds.

I've attached a Wireshark capture from the wireless device while the issue is occurring.  The IP of the wireless device experiencing the issue is:  You can see that I'm successfully pinging and at the same time timing out at (internal resource).

I have 3 access points and they are connected directly to the ASA, each in separate switch ports (5,6,7).  The access points have the same SSID's, one that can access the internal network (vlan1), and one guest SSID that can access the Internet only(vlan3).

Does anyone see any clues here as to why this might be occurring ?

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