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Help Needed - complete newbie - WLC 4402

I am trying to set up a basic wireless network, completely seperate from our internal network, just utlizing the external internet bandwidth. It will mainly be used for meeting rooms and visitors requiring internet access.

There should be no need for VLans on the Wireless network.

The External 7204 router is plugged into a 12 port 2950 switch, which has a connection to the external side of our firewall.The ip address of the router is a public address, so if possible I do not want to give the WLC management ip a public address. The WLC will be plugged into the Cisco 2950 switch.

I am a complete newbie at setting up the Cisco wireless. I imagine it is down to routing - do I have to purchase another router or is the WLC capable of doing simplified routing?

Any advice would be greatly apprciated.

Cisco WLC 4402 - version

Cisco 3750 24 Port Switch

External Router 7204 VXR Router

Internal DHCP on WLC range - -> .150

Management Ip address:

AP ip address:

Virtual ip address:

External Router ip address: 194.*.*.1


Re: Help Needed - complete newbie - WLC 4402

Create a interface on the controller and name it guest. Give it a static address in the 194.*.*.1 scope. Attach the address to the same physical port as the management IP address. Trunk the switch ports and you should have no problems.

New Member

Re: Help Needed - complete newbie - WLC 4402

Hi dennischolmes,

Thanks for your reply, i have tried to create an interface on the controller as you suggested. however I get the following error " Error in setting VLAN and port. Cannot have multiple untagged dynamic interface on the same port" was ondering if you could shed any light on that error.

Trying to setup the Trunk port on the 2950 switch, it won't allow me to set the encapsulation dot1q - is this down to the software version of the switch?

Re: Help Needed - complete newbie - WLC 4402

Like I said above. You must creat a VLAN for your guest access traffic. In the interface creation you enter the vlan identifier in the appropriate field. This send the guest traffic to the vlan including the gateway on the vlan (your cable modem, dsl, etc). You cant have 2 untagged vlans on the controller.

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