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Help on 1300 series and Antennas

Can somebody give me recommendations on what I should use for blanket wireless access for multiple condo unit building 4 stories high? I was looking to use the 1300 series and possibly the Air ANT24120 antenna. I want it to penetrate through walls a floors. If anybody has any past experience on this, could you recommend this or another product? Also I am looking to see how far the signal can carry. I am trying to cut down on AP's.

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Re: Help on 1300 series and Antennas

An outdoor deployment to provide indoor coverage is one of the most difficult for several reasons. First, you definitely want to perform or have a qualified partner perform a site survey of at least one condo unit to validate what will or will not work. Depending on the construction of the facility, you may lose 20dB of signal just getting inside the building before you go through any other obstructions. Feel free to contact to work with us in building an estimate.

Re: Help on 1300 series and Antennas

I would make sure to get a good site survey done and make sure that you stay well within the FCC regulations for maximum transmission power. I have done several of these installations using the 1500 series APs strategically placed around the building. Also bear in mind you could have polarization issues as this building is so tall. The unfortunate truth here is that complete penetration of a building this size is very hard to achieve. I have a list of excellent CPE devices that will allow you to bring the system into the building at key density points. Feel free to contact me for those at

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