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help to choose product for wlan surfing


i need to make sure that a company can surf on one broadband connection from several rooms on 2 different floors,

what router and ap i should buy to cover 100m

wth regards


Re: help to choose product for wlan surfing

Well this very much depends on what the building structure is.

You should consider a site survey for the wireless strength. Cisco partners / retailers could offer such services.

If you are looking for something simple, you can get a linksys n router which will do routing an ap. Not sure if the coverage will be that great. I use it to cover about 80m in buildings.

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Re: help to choose product for wlan surfing


txs for the reply, wich router you had in mind?

i thought an aironet 1140 series ysed as accespoint together with a router but dont know wich one to choose i'm using a broadband connection, not adsl

if i dont have enough coverage i can use more in wireless bridge or am i wrong?

with regards

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Re: help to choose product for wlan surfing

Firstly, until Cisco releases the autonomous IOS (aIOS) for the 1140, you can't use the 1140 unless you have a Wireless LAN Controller.

Next, how does the xDSL come in to your site? Cisco has a number of xDSL ISRs (850/870) integrated with a 4-port (non-PoE) switch (2950-like behaviour).

Last year, Cisco started releasing their new xDSL routers, 860, 880, and 890.

Model Comparison Chart

No matter what router or AP model you choose, you need to do a Wireless LAN Site Survey so you will know whereto deploy your AP how may AP's to deploy.

If you want an affordable solution, then Linksys products can be a way to go, however, if you want to go down the Cisco path ... let us know!

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