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HELP! Wireless Installation for a School Building

Hello. I need some suggestions regarding wireless installation for this particular building.

Heres a picture of the building:

It has a length of about 68 meters.

I need to provide wireless access in the entire building.

Any suggestions for:

Access Point model

How many access point?

Where will i place them? (considering it needs to be accessed inside the classrooms and outside)

Thank you very much!


Re: HELP! Wireless Installation for a School Building

You need to sub-contract someone to do a comprehensive site survey (assuming you do not know how to do one yourself).

Attempting a project of this scope and magnitude without one is likely to be a waste of time, money, and effort.

There are no cookbooks for wireless. To ensure adequate coverage without one would mean buying and installing extra APs that (probably) aren't needed.

Do a site survey, whether you or someone else does it, there's no other way to guarantee good coverage with the least amount of equipment and most likely to meet the goals and intentions of the customer.

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Re: HELP! Wireless Installation for a School Building

Currently part of my job is the rollout of wireless throughout schools.

One of the first things I observed is the installation of the APs are either mostly hidden from sight or locked up. Apparently, I should never (ever!) underestimate the throwing arm of a 6 year old.

Next, we use a combination of 1240 and 1250 but I still see no reason why 1130 or 1140 shouldn't be use. I'd prefer the 1130/1140 because it's thin and the radiation pattern is almost 360 but I do see some uses for the 1240/1250.

When dealing with controllers, I do recommend the 5508 but due to budget concerns, they would rather go with the WiSM (a 6500 is already in place).

However, you do need to have a Wireless LAN Site Survey conducted. In a situation like this, it's a must and it's got to be done right the first time.

We also use 7921 and 7925 wifi handsets so staffs can go around different campuses and using the wifi network to make/take calls.

I am also making a case regarding RFIDs (by AeroScout) for the students as a way of knowing where they are in a given time (for attendance purposes) and using WCS and the Location Appliance.

Hope this helps.

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Re: HELP! Wireless Installation for a School Building

first determine what applicaton will the wlan be used for, data, voice, voice and data or rfid.

because each application requires a different type of site survey, placement of access pointss and number of ap's.

conduct a good site survey using site survey tools (wifi laptop, airmagnet, and the exact model of the ap to be used in actual deployment)

gather the floor plans.

avoid the hallways as the signal will bleed and might hit another ap of the same channel which can cause co-channel interference.

allow at least 15-20% overlap between ap's to allow roaming.

take note of the ap below and above of each ap location. they shouldn't be in parallel to avoid too much overlapping and interference.

good luck!

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