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Help with 861w configuration

We recently purchased a cisco 861w for our car repair shop to feed our diagnostic machines.  The machines communicate wirelessly with the multiplexer that hooks to the car (making 2 wireless devices per machine).  I was able to get through the basic setup and the computer will connect to my router and the multiplexer will connect to my router and both get assigned an ip address from within my specified range, but they will not talk to eachother.  I was talking to the helpdesk for our diag machines and they said that udp multicast/broadcast needs to be enabled inorder for them to initially communicate and then they use tcp to communicate after the initial hookup.  I was wondering how I can enable this.. or if there is some kind of setting blocking communication between devices on the same wireless network.

My other problem is that I can't get into the "Advanced Wireless" options in the cisco cp or cp express applications...   it will open a new web page, ask for my AP username/password and then there is a big internet explorer screen with a rectangle button that says "Enter" and then some cisco leagle disclaimer under that... but when you click on it it just says error on page at the bottom and will not go anywhere...  I have tried it on a winxp and a win7 machine with both ie and firefox..   I realize that most of you all use CLI, but if anyone has a fix for that I would be very happy.

I am not a cisco or networking professional...  I'm just a guy that got stuck doing this.... so please be gentle with me.  I have installed hyperterminal on my win7 machine so I can use the CLI if needed.

Thanks for your help


Re: Help with 861w configuration


     There are alot of factors that could be causing the 2 not to communicate, it could be a multicast issue, it could be a peer to peer blocking issue, would need to dig further into it and get more details on the configuration of the unit. As for the Username and password unless you have changed it they should be Username: cisco or admin  and Password: Cisco

hope this helps.

Cisco Employee

Re: Help with 861w configuration

on ISRs the username and password is cisco and cisco.. C not in caps i guess.



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Re: Help with 861w configuration

I have the same issue with the login screen. Your password is not incorrect. It seems to be a bug. Apparently with cisco, you have to pay extra if you want your hardware to actually work.

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Re: Help with 861w configuration

I got my problem fixed by contacting the tech support.  For anyone interested in in using the web based GUI for the 861w (and I'm sure other models in the series).  This is the work around...  I have been told that if you update the firmware in the ap it will also resolve this issue, but here is the quick fix.

Hi Justin
Here is the bug on not being able to access the GUI


Upgrade of the ap801 to 12.4(21a)JA01 breaks the gui interface. It will
load properly and only the "enter" button is observed.


Configure the ap801 via the CLI or access the ap gui page as follows:

You can find the ip address of your ap by clicking the "Launch Advanced Wireless Application"  It will be the ip address listed in the address bar.

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