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Help With Wireless Bridging

Hello all, I have recently perchased high speed WiFi for my house so I could do some gaming on my Xbox. Problem is my roommate, who is a tech support professional, set the modem up in his bedroom, my Xbox is old and requires a wireless adapter to pick up signals but since the modem is so far away from it it barely recieves the signal. So currently I'm paying for nothing so I confronted him about this issue and he attempted to fix it by wirelessly bridging a router to the modem but after a month he hasn't succeeded and has given up so now it's up to me and I have no clue where to even begin. The modem we have is a Cisco DPC3825 and the router is a NetGear Wireless-N Router WVR2000 V2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Help With Wireless Bridging

You can easly extend the wireless signal by using the wireless mesh or by configure one device in between as repeater mode just by adding one device its not that difficult but if you can provide the configuration which is been done we can easily guide you. .

Here is a link that will help you in configuring netgear 


an easly alternat will be just to buy any Ethernet cable connect to cisco DPC3825 free port and other side to the near gear device and place thewireless device where your xbox can easily  access signal .It will not cost must. 

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