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High Density Meraki Wireless - "Design Guide".

Hi All


Im looking for a discussion / thoughts of how to implement a Meraki Wireless network for many clients on a single location.

I have read Mearkis Whitepaper on : "Successful WiFi Deployment for Large Events", and it has a lot of good points.

(even though I would not set a bandwidth limit today at 100Kbit/sec - the paper is from 2011 a lot has happened since then). 

But my top concern is broadcast and multicast traffic, because this traffic is sent at low datarates.

Is there a way to disable broadcast and multicast on Meraki Wireless solution, like on a Cisco "Classic" Wireless LAN Controller solution ? (Proxy ARP and so on.)

I am not that concerned about the physical layer (AP placement, Antennas, Channels and Transmit power).


How would you design a Meraki Wireless network for many clients (1,2 maybe 3K connected clients in peak hours) ?


What I am thinking:

Im thinking about setting the Meraki APs up in NAT mode, to avoid being flooded with Broadcast and Multicast traffic from that many clients, like in a "normal" bridged mode solution from the wired / wireless network.

But is this the best solution ?

How does Merakis Layer 3 (with and without MX appliance) work when factoring in broadcast and multicast ?

I cant seem to find any design / configuration guides explaining this.

Anyone care to share their thoughts ?





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