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High performance wireless bridge

We have two buildings 300 feet apart with perfect line of sight. 

Price aside, what is the best point-to-point wireless bridge avalable from Cisco at this time? 54 Mbps max with 802.11a on a 1400 series wireless bridge is nowhere near acceptable for the services we plan on running over the bridge.

Thank you

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Re: High performance wireless bridge

Cisco doesn't have wireless bridges anymore.

If you can hide you APs from the environment (ie install APs inside of the building) then you can use something like 2602e with external antennas that will give you something close to 300mbps (provided you will use directional 3-element antennas).


I edited my message as it was wrong. Certainly 1552 can also provide 300mbps data rates.

Re: High performance wireless bridge

The 1552e with 40Mhz which should have a max of 300Mbps phy rate on 5 Ghz but is dependent on multi path in the environment to achieve that rate.
The exalt r5005 Cisco edition is 160Mbps.

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