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New Member

home wireless connection instable


I wonder if anybody can suggest me a valid solution:

I have an IBM thinkpad with an Aironet PCI wireless LAN adapter.

It worked fine with my home wireless router for months.

Recently It started to have problems: the connection frequently stops (then after few minutes the software try to reconnect with success).

The router is ok, as nothing has changed in its cfg and another portable works fine with wireless during stops.

The only change I've done recently on my thinkpad was enabling a dial-in modem (but I've already disabled it now).

The SW diagnostics says: "error code 208 - association expired".

I've checked everytin but I can't solve it...

Thank you


OS: Windows XP SP2


Re: home wireless connection instable

I'm going for the long ball here, but you said you are using the Aironet card. Is that Cisco/ Aironet or the way back when aironet?

Anyway, please check to make sure windows wireless zero configurator is disabled.

Start/settings/control panel/administrative tools/services/wireless zero configuaration.

should be stopped and disabled if it is not already. This effectively kills the windows ability to find networks and manage profiles, but if you are already doing that with the PCI card then the other service must be turned off, or they will contend with each other, which usually manifests in a series of drops and reassociations as they fight for control.

Also, you didn't mention what channel you were on, but it is possible somebody else has cranked up there own utensil nearby and it is interfering with you. Change the channels to see if the issue gets better and since you are probably already on 6, try 1 and 11 (only)!

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