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How do I configure multicast on WLC 2504?

I have a 2504 WLAN controller setup behind an AT&T u-verse gateway.  AT&T installed a wireless access point (a Motorola VAP2500), which I cannot log in to due to lack of documentation.  That VAP2500 talks to a Cisco STB (set top box) connected to a television in another room 60 feet away.  It works flawlessly.

AT&T also installed a DVR, but wired it directly via ethernet to the u-verse gateway(think *broom closet*).  I would like to move the DVR to a room about 70 feet away.  Since there is no data cabling - and no really cost effective way to get cabling to that point, I decided to use a WUMC710 wireless bridge.  I want to connect the DVR to the bridge and have the bridge talk to the Cisco 2504 because I cannot access the Motorola VAP that AT&T installed.

I configured the bridge to talk to the existing Cisco 2504.  It works great for my laptop and *almost* anything I plug into it, except the device that I really want to use - the DVR.

The DVR communicates via ethernet fine, but after ten seconds the video freezes.  I researched the issue and everything points to the unicast to multicast handoff.  I didn't know this, but u-verse sends the first ten seconds via unicast, and then switches to multicast.  This is where it breaks.

Has anyone seen this before?  Is there an easy fix?

Seems to me that if I configured multicast on my WLAN controller, my problems would go away.  Since I don't know much about multicast, here I am.

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

How do I configure multicast on WLC 2504?

Use flexconnect local switching on AP. This way multicast packets from AP will be locally switched and doesn't go via WLC.

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