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How do I setup PI for syslogging to a syslog server

Our network security department would like the syslogs from Prime Infrastructure.  

When I ssh into the appliance and do the following:

logging <IPADDR>:port

logging loglevel 0-6

Not a whole lot happens.  When I change it to loglevel of 7, then it gives more, but not user logins or failed logins.

Then if I go to the gui and try that route...

Administration > Logging > SysLog Logging Options

Checkmark in enable, enter in IP address of syslog server, then facility of 7.....

Not much happens.  Useless information...

Our goal is to find out if someone logged in, and if someone failed to login.

Has anyone ever figured this out?

VIP Purple

Re: How do I setup PI for syslogging to a syslog server

Here is what document says, so it should send PI releated syslong msg to a 3rd pary server. Refer below link to more detail

  Changing Syslog Logging Options

Syslog option allows you to enable the sending of syslog messages relating to the internal operation of Prime Infrastructure, to a third party syslog server. It does not enable the relaying of syslog messages received from network devices, to a third party syslog server.

Step 1 Choose Administration > Logging, then click Syslog Logging Options.

Step 2 Select the Enable Syslog check box to enable sending of Prime Infrastructure system log messages.

Step 3 Configure the IP address of Syslog Server to which the system log message have to be sent.

Step 4 Choose the Syslog Facility. You can choose any of the eight local use facilities for sending syslog messages. The local use facilities are not reserved and are available for general use.

Step 5 Click Save.



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