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How Do VLANs Map to SSIDs in Wireless?

So the title really says it all. I'm working on my CCDA and I can't really find anything on this in the official book. Does the LWAP just broadcast multiple SSIDs and depending on which one you connect to it maps the user to a different VLAN?

I also saw a best practice statement that said, "Each wireless client authentication type should map to a unique SSID which in turn maps to a unique VLAN"

I thought that was a bit confusing? How can you authenticate if you aren't already connected to a specific SSID?

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So I dug through Cisco's

So I dug through Cisco's official text and found the answer to my own question.

For the first part, yes, you just broadcast multiple SSIDs and they each map back to a specific VLAN.

The statement I read was misleading. The user first selects an SSID and then authenticates based on that SSID's chosen authentication type. The SSID isn't selected based on the authentication type used by the mobile device.

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