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how many clients are supported by AP 1532i

Hi Folks,


I am looking into the details of Cisco Aironet 1532i, but it does not really say anyting about the maximum number of clients the AP might support

Does anyone as an idea?





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Hi Karim,This is not a easy

Hi Karim,

This is not a easy question to answer.

It depends on what purpose your are using wireless.....

You can have 25-30(Rule of thumb) if all they are doing just for normal traffic( email and some web use). If you are using for voice then it will not support more then 15, and if you are doing a lot of video streaming it can be lower than that(6-7).

More info:


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Hi Sandeep, Thanks for the

Hi Sandeep,


Thanks for the input. I will check out the link.

Btw it is planned for normal web use.





Hi,Normally it support 25- 30


Normally it support 25- 30 clients, but if that clients are normal web user than you can add more clients, it totally depend on the Access-point memory and also maximum data-rate supported by your access-point switch-port,  which you connect to switch,

As AP switch port is bottle neck.


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Hi If you are looking for max


If you are looking for max number of clients these AP could support,  for most of indoor AP model, general answer is 200 which is documented here. (some models max100 or 128)

For the outdoor AP model it is not listed, but I would assume max value should be similar to indoor.

As others pointed out when designing, you should keep it to low number (20-30) to give the required throughput/performance  for each user.




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Hi,I'm having the big problem


I'm having the big problem regarding to the the maximum number of clients associated to Aironet350. Because this is the old product there are no information available on the web.

Does anyone know about the specification of the maximum number of clients of Aironet350?


Hello Motoshi,As the rest of

Hello Motoshi,

As the rest of the thread suggest that it depends on what purpose are you going to use it for.

Also, the Cisco Aironet 350 Series supports data rates of up to 11 Mbps and is IEEE 802.11b compliant (Reference), therefore it depends upon the wireless network and what is it intended to use for.

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