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How to Check Flash size on Controller 5508


I have a controller AIR-CT5508-K9 which is accessed remotely (both from GUI and CLI).

I am unable to find the flash size of the controller.

show run-config doesn't list compact flash size, show inventory, show boot also doesn't give any info on the flash size.

Can someone please help to find the flash size of the controller.

The controller currently running with 6.0 version.



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How to Check Flash size on Controller 5508


I believe the command you may be looking for is show memory statistics.

Does that display what you're looking for?


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How to Check Flash size on Controller 5508

Hi Manju,

wlc doesn't have the sh flash command like other Cisco platforms. Anyhow if this might help you, you can do

show boot (to see images that are sitting on the wlc)

show memory statistics (to see the memory)



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How to Check Flash size on Controller 5508

Hi Manju,

here is more info for you.

Remove the Primary or Secondary Image on the Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)

The WLC, by default, maintains two images. These images are the primary image and the backup image. The primary image is the active image used by the WLC while the backup image is used as a backup for the active image.

When you upgrade the WLC with a new image, the WLC automatically copies the new image over the backup image.

In order to see the active image that your controller is currently running (the primary image), click on Monitor from the WLC GUI and look at the Software Version field under Controller Summary on the controller GUI. From the CLI, you can use the command show boot to view the primary and backup image present on the WLC. Here is an example.

(Cisco Controller) >show boot
Primary Boot Image............................... Code 
Backup Boot Image................................ Code

In order to remove or overwrite an image on the WLC, boot up the WLC with the image that you want to keep and perform an upgrade. This way, the new image replaces the backup image.

You can also change the active booting image of the WLC manually using the command config boot .

(Cisco Controller) >config boot ?

primary        Sets the primary image as active.
backup         Sets the backup image as active.

The config boot image can also be configured with the WLC GUI. Refer to How to Use the Backup Image on Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs) for more information on the detailed procedure.

Note: You need to save and reboot the WLC configuration so that the WLC uses the new active image.

Hope u understd.

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