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How to check wireless connect rate?

I have 2 1300's in bridge mode. Is there a way to see what the connect rate is real-time?

Also, what are "normal" stats on the detailed stats page, e.g. CRC's, packet retry's, etc.

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Re: How to check wireless connect rate?

download qcheck (free) and install on two computers on either side of your link. Open the tool and you can run throughput tests from you (localhost) to whatever you put the program on on the other side. This is a very accurate real time throughput test.

Personally, anything over 2% retries requires further scrutiny, but it all depends on how solid the link is to begin with.

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Re: How to check wireless connect rate?

thanks for the tip. d/l qcheck and also looked at retries. retries are nill and the vast majority of traffice is at 54 Mbs.

qcheck shows a throughput of around 20 Mbs. I new there would be some significant overhead for radio and encryption, but is this sound normal? local LAN shows about an 8% overhead.

Re: How to check wireless connect rate?

It sounds normal. The 54 Mbps is actually bitrate, not throughput. You can expect @ 22 Mbps ideally.

Another good tool to use is iperf

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