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How to configure MAC with IP bindings in cisco WLC 2504


Can anyone help me how to configure internal DHCP server so that host IP bind with MAC address in WLC2504.

Your help is highly appreciated.


How to configure MAC with IP bindings in cisco WLC 2504

There is not an option to do so.

It is a very basic DHCP server with no capablilty for reservations or options

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How to configure MAC with IP bindings in cisco WLC 2504

I hope either ip or mac can be binded.

It’s very simple to make WLC as DHCP server you just need to tick on the DHCP option and create some scope. In that you just need to specify your controller IP as it has become the DHCP server and the interface you make and wants to obtain IP automatically you need to specify the IP of the controller management IP.

Configuring IP-MAC Address Binding

In controller software release 5.2 or later releases, the controller enforces strict IP address-to-MAC address binding in client packets. The controller checks the IP address and MAC address in a packet, compares them to the addresses that are registered with the controller, and forwards the packet only if they both match. In previous releases, the controller checks only the MAC address of the client and ignores the IP address.

Note If the IP address or MAC address of the packet has been spoofed, the check does not pass, and the controller discards the packet. Spoofed packets can pass through the controller only if both the IP and MAC addresses are spoofed together and changed to that of another valid client on the same controller.

To configure IP-MAC address binding using the controller CLI, follow these steps:

Step 1 Enable or disable IP-MAC address binding by entering this command:

config network ip-mac-binding {enable | disable}

The default value is enabled.

Note You might want to disable this binding check if you have a routed network behind a workgroup bridge (WGB).

Note You must disable this binding check in order to use an access point in sniffer mode if the access point is joined to a Cisco 5500 Series Controller, a Cisco 2100 Series Controller, or a controller network module that runs software release 6.0 or later releases.

Step 2 Save your changes by entering this command:

save config

Step 3 View the status of IP-MAC address binding by entering this command:

show network summary

Information similar to the following appears:

RF-Network Name............................. ctrl4404
Web Mode.................................... Disable
Secure Web Mode............................. Enable
Secure Web Mode Cipher-Option High.......... Disable
Secure Web Mode Cipher-Option SSLv2......... Enable
IP/MAC Addr Binding Check ............... Enabled 

Re: How to configure MAC with IP bindings in cisco WLC 2504

I read it as dhcp reservations

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Re: How to configure MAC with IP bindings in cisco WLC 2504

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