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How to configure Wireless LAN with AP 1200?

Hi,there.I am configuring wireless Lan for one customer.but need your help!

The senario is :

1.a recktangle building with 6 floors above ground,1 foor under ground

2.rooms are distributed at the two sides along the east,south and north aisles.The demention of the aisle is about 104m*3m(north & south aisle);87m*3m(east aisle)

3.the dementions of the floor cross section of every floor:105m*87m*3m(l*w*h)

My question is how to configure the wireless LAN?How many Ap 1200 should I install?Where should I locate them in?What kind of antenna should I choose?I try to use the dynamic configuration tool,but the antenna could not be added at all!Why?My question is ergent,Please help me ASAP!I am very appretiated for your kindess!!!!!Waiting for your reply!

Cisco Employee

Re: How to configure Wireless LAN with AP 1200?

Hi Sir,

I am sorry but there is not an easy formula to answer your question on the number of AP's that you need.

A general rule of thumb is one AP per 20 users but if you are using high bandwidth applications then you need more AP's for the same area.

As to the room every room even though it might have the same size and physical dimensions will have different RF properties. The ONLY way to determine this is to do a proper site survey where you place out a few AP's and then walk around with a client device to asess the coverage area then move the APs to determine the best location for them, this will affect the number that you need.

Once again what kind of antenna will be dependant on the site survey but in *most* cases for indoor use the 2.2dbi 'rubber ducky' anntenna will surfice. In some areas of poor coverage then a patch antenna or 5dbi dipole maybe a better choice but once again you need to do a site survey

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