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how to connect 3 rooms by wireless

We have 3 offices, like office A,B,C, A and B on same building but different floor, C is about 50 meters away from A and B.

Room B is our server room; Internet connection, email server etc are in this room.

We want to build a wireless LAN, just connect the 3 rooms, room A and room C should be able to surf via room B. and the PC devices in the 3 rooms should share same subnet.

In room B, we already have a 2821 router, which I think maybe I can use wireless HWIC card on it.

In room A, we want to use Cisco 877W router, which has 4 port switches.

In room C, we can use any device as long as it can connect with room B.

My question is

Can the 2821 act as a wireless concentrator to accept the connection from room A and C? if it does, how the IP subnet assigned under the wireless interface? We still want the 3 rooms share same subnet

Thanks for any input

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