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How to corelate an AP location to Switch port


Hi ,


I have a customer that installed several APs in the ceiling but forgot to to document the Mac address to location name for documentation.  Now they want to rename the APs from their default mac address AP name to the actual location where they are installed.  Is there a good way to figure this information out without actually tracing the ethernet connection from the IDF patch panel back to the APs?  I've done show cdp neigh and I know which AP mac address connected to a switchport, but I dont' know how to locate where it's actually installed in the ceiling?  Any ideas?



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Initially, you can use TDR to

Initially, you can use TDR to determine the entire length of the ethernet cable.


Next you can disable all the radios except one and try to get a sniffer as close as you can.

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 Hi, I have come across a




I have come across a similar scenariona and what I did was..

1) show cdp neig on the switch and found the ports.

2) shut down a port of concern and did a walk around to see which access point has lost the blinking light

3) based on this information do the naming of the port as well as the WLC registratio.


This needs to be done offhours or with concern from users..


hope this helped.




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You didn't need to shut down

You didn't need to shut down the interface (and kill the power of the AP) in order to identify the AP.  You can disable LED power in CLI.  


Besides, it's not going to work because, in your case, your APs are out in the open while the OP has stated that his APs are all hidden inside ceiling cavities.

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I would do what Leo mentioned

I would do what Leo mentioned and disable and enable the LED.  But first, you should use a tool like AirMagnet or inSSIDer to find the closest AP, to help determine a few AP's that it might be.  It will be quicker that way.

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Scott, I like this process,



I like this process, but some APs are hidden or inside drop ceilings.  With that said, could I ssh into the AP and then do show cdp neigh on the cli?  Wouldn't it should me what switch and port its connected to?  Also, I could use InSSIDer to narrow in on the search.

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The command "sh cdp neighbor"

The command "sh cdp neighbor" will only tell you Layer 2 details of the neighboring device.  


Won't give you an indication of the distance.  TDR will.  


You could disable all the radios except one and find it using inSSIDer or Kismet.

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From the WLC you can run a

From the WLC you can run a show ap CDP neighbor and that will get you the output for all AP's and what switch and switchport the AP is connected to. That is if the switch has CDP enabled. 

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