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how to get an AP up and running

I am not a wireless expert and I am trying to get a Cisco AP up and running with a very basic configuration. One SSID + authentication. I am unable to see the SSID broadcasted, can you please assist.

Please see the attached config file

Also, if you have a good link to describes how to get an AP and running and all the features that are available, that would be greate.

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Re: how to get an AP up and running


Not able to see the attachement.

You just need to use "guest-mode" command under SSID configuration.

or use GUI:

Security-->SSID Manager

Scroll down to the bottom and locate "Guest Mode/Infrastructure SSID Settings"

and select the ssid under " Set Single Guest Mode SSID"

Click Apply.

Please see the following links for reference:

Basic Wireless LAN Connection Configuration Example

Default SSID Configuration



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Re: how to get an AP up and running

Jai, thank you for the advise, as soon as I added "guest-mode" I was able to see the SSID broadcasted, thank you.

A few more questions:

1) What is guest mode? Does that mean any user can see the SSID and authenticate without any password? This is what it seems like, is that correct?

2) Now, I would like to authenticate users with a password, does that mean I should remove "guest-mode"? I tried to remove "guest-mode" and add a password and I am no longer seeing the SSID broadcast. This is what I changed:

dot11 ssid testing123

authentication open

infrastructure-ssid optional

wpa-psk ascii 7 14141B180F0B7B79777B6164

I was expecting to get an authentication prompt but I am not even seeing the SSID now.

3) How can I restrict specific users to specific vlans?

I know the basic wireless, but I need to know a little bit more.

I appreciate any assistance you can provide me with the above mentioned points.

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Re: how to get an AP up and running


Guest-mode is used to broadcast the SSID.

The guest-mode SSID is used in beacon frames and response frames to probe requests that specify the empty or wildcard SSID. If no guest-mode SSID exists, the beacon contains no SSID and probe requests with the wildcard SSID are ignored. Disabling the guest mode makes the networks slightly more secure. Enabling the guest mode helps clients that passively scan (do not transmit) associate with the access point. It also allows clients configured without a SSID to associate.

WPA-PSK will prompt you for a key as soon as you try to connect to the SSID.

But for that either you need to broadcast the ssid or try maunally connection to the SSID.



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