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How to indicate indicate wall vs. ceiling on WCS heatmap for omni AP (1130, 1140)?

So far, I've only used 1130 and 1140 series APs, with integrated omni antennas. According to the antenna doc, the pattern from these APs is roughly a half-sphere, with fairly uniform omni-drectional coverage all around the front side of the device, and signficantly less in the zone behind the metal back plate.

(Azimuth and Elevation graphs of many Cisco antennas are here:

You have to scroll down pretty far to find the 1130.)

But, I can't find a way to indicate the vertical (wall) vs. horizontal (ceiling) orientation of these APs on the WCS heat maps, either in "planning" mode or in "place APs" mode. On the AP placement screen, there is an "Elevation" box that can be set from 0 to 180, and an Up/Down choice, but no mater what I select, the heatmap drawn on the map is always a symetric circle around the AP (except for the effect of walls). I'd expect a wall mounted 1130 to look more like a half-circle when seen on a top-down view heat map, with the flatter part of the half-circle aligned with the back of the AP on the wall.

Although I don't see any difference on the heat maps, in real life testing, it seems to make a difference if I place an AP on the ceiling between two rooms, vs placing it on a wall facing away from one of the rooms: I get less signal in the room "behind" the AP. Is this difference beyond the resolution of the WCS heat maps?

I'm running WCS

Thanks for any clues.


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How to indicate indicate wall vs. ceiling on WCS heatmap for omn

To be honest.... WCS "Heat Map" are predictive and really don't tell you your RF pattern.  Your almost always going to get the "circle" pattern.  Have a post survey done if you really want to see your RF.

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