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How to limit a client to download only 1Gb data?

My boss wants me to limit clients to only be able to download 1 Gb of data per day, then they will get shut off. He sees this as a way of limiting the impact of guest clients on the WiFi network, stopping peer-to-peer sharing of files etc.

I know I can set QoS policies to limit bandwidth, but there doesn't seem to be any way to limit the total amount of data for each client.

WLC 5508 software version 7.5 with 87 access points and around 500 clients per day.  Some internal SSIDs (802.1x) but some guests using a login page to confirm their acceptance of the policies, on a separate SSID.


Any ideas? 3rd party software maybe? I can't find anything searching the internet.

Thanks for your help.




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Thanks salodh, a very

Thanks salodh, a very interesting article. But this also only discusses Rate Limiting the Guest SSID in Mbps, not total data transmitted. So I still don't have an answer to my question.

I did find a product that limits data per user by inserting a PC between the firewall and internet connection. But this works by MAC address of the user, so totally impractical in an enterprise network.



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