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How to Link Two SAP's together?


I am after some advice on how to link two Aironet's up.

About 6 months ago I bought for my house a Aironet 1602e, it was better than my previous two access points but not perfect. I recently acquired and Aironet 1140i. Both units are stand alone access points.

My question is how to do Iink these up.

At present they are both configured as 'Access Points' with the same SSID on differnt channels. It works but it's not ideal. The devices connected have to loose signal before roaming to the other.

I think I should be setting the 1602e as an Access Point and the 1140i as a non-root bridge but I am not sure. Can some one tell me what I should be doing?

What makes me more unsure is when I try to do the above on the 1140 it tells me only one radio can be in non-root bridge mode.

Advice is appreciated.


Shane Baldacchino    

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Re: How to Link Two SAP's together?

HI Shane,

Roaming between 2 Standalone AP is possible: if you are using a PSK, then all you need to do is configure the AP exactly the same way, with the exception of the IP address on the BVI interface.

So long as the ssid and encryption are the same, and there is overlap between the cells the client should roam between the AP.

As per my knowledge:(Not sure)

About root and mesh..procedure then I think you need a WLC do to this and also need to convert from Autonomous to lightweight AP.

may be other experts can provide more information about this....


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How to Link Two SAP's together?

Thansks for the reply Sandeep.

I am using WPA2 with AES CCCM

What exactly is PSK, also in regards to overlap you are just saying they need to use the same channels or overlap on them?

At present they are far apart.


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How to Link Two SAP's together?

Hi Shane,

PSK means pre shared key

all the access points must have the same SSID configured and the same security method, and that each AP is using the non overlapping channels on the 2.4 GHz.

Also that the APs have been located on site where the overlap between each AP coverage cell is not more than 15%.


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Re: How to Link Two SAP's together?

Post your show run-config

If your using WPA2/AES are you setting a pre shared key (WPA2-Personal)? You are either using preshared or 802.1x which requires a radius server. I'm guessing preshared in your case. There should be roaming between the two and nothing you can do to speed that up. The requirements is really to have the same SSID and preshared key on both AP's along with other settings. If your using 802.1x (WPA2 Enterprise) them you need to setup a WDS AP.

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How to Link Two SAP's together?

If you are dropping before you roam to the next AP, it's possible that the clients are not able to hear the AP well enough to actually roam.

If both AP have the same SSID, VLAN, and PSK then the clients should roam between them as long as there is some overlap between the cell edges of the AP.


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