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Hreap is working but why....


I'm configuring AP in Hreap mode. Objective for me is th have a "plug & play" installation method for HREAP.

I configure on HREAP AP, Native VLAN set to 1 and the WLAN and Vlan mapping for the current wlan is set to 1 too.

WLC version is and AP version is 12.4(23c)JA4

on my cisco switch (WS-C3560-24PS with 12.2(55)SE1), the port configuration is as below:

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport trunk native vlan 45

switchport trunk allowed vlan 45,74

switchport mode trunk

no logging event link-status

no logging event power-inline-status

no snmp trap link-status

spanning-tree portfast trunk

spanning-tree bpduguard enable

AP receives a DHCP IP in Vlan 45 and users connected in vlan 45 too

I would like to undestand why the AP is working properly because normally vlan 1 is not configured as allowed vlan on my switch and the native vlan is dedicated only to untagged ethernet packet.

Thanks for your reply....

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Re: Hreap is working but why....

Because vlan 1 on many devices is untagged, and since your switch is setup for native vlan 45 (could be any) vlan 1 on the native vlan on the h-reap AP will still pass traffic.  Both devices sees untagged packets and put it back on the wire.

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