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I have a used AP and i tried to access through http to the AP Web configuration mode. My Configuration:

ip http server

ip http authentication aaa

ip http secure-server

ip http port 80

1) I notice that i can only access through console? Why i cannot access without console?

2) Have i left out some important commands to access to the AP Web mode?

3) What is the purpose of ip http authentication aaa? Must i need to include in order to access the Web AP mode?


Re: HTTP to AP

Kianhong ,

Firstly - I would remove the "ip http authentication aaa" and change it to "ip http authentication local"

Basciall you are telling to authenticate any requests to a AAA server - have you got a AAA server? Have you configured the AAA server settings in the AP. If any answers to the above are no - then make the changes I have recommended.

Also remove ip http port 80 - this command should only be used if you want the HTTP access to use a different tcp port, 80 is the default, so it can be removed.

You will be able to access the Ap via HTTP and HTTPS - i.e tcp port 80 and or 443.


Community Member

Re: HTTP to AP

I still cannot access through http or https even when i remove "ip http authentication aaa" and "ip http port 80".

But i am using AAA server. I guess either the port is being block by the firwall or i did not set the AAA right.

Re: HTTP to AP

http access is no by default - can you actually ping the AP on it's management IP address? Is there a firewall between your machine and the AP?

Community Member

Re: HTTP to AP

I have tried to ping using command prompt but timed out. However, if i go to one of the AP and ping the rest of it, it can.

I guess it must have blocked from the firewall or they disable the ICMP ping.

Re: HTTP to AP

I would guess that something is being blocked somewhere - you need to check.


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