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I can't reset my AP 350! Will a hammer do it?

I've just bought a 2nd user AP-350 but can't reset it. I have found its IP address using CDP from a connected switch. When i browse or telnet to it i'm prompted for a username & password. This is the same for any console access.

I have followed instructions to reboot but as soon as it has gone through its dram test and inflated the image, it says - (FATAL): Radio Enable Failed with error "Bad Authentication Type" then prompts me for a username. I never get to see this elusive 'summary status screen'.

I've read:

"Note: If you do not allow users to browse in a read-only manner without logging in, then you do not see the Summary Status screen but are instead prompted for a username and password. At this point you can enter any username and password after which you see the following prompt: Authentication Failed - Retry? (y/n). Answer n to this. You are now able to enter the :resetall command."

This is not so. The AP also has Auto Aply on, so once i've put in a false username & password, I still don't have the chance to type resetall. It just says:

(Auto Apply On) ^R, =, <ENTER>, or [Link Text]:

It's running 11.23

can someone please offer advice (before i hit it with something heavy). Thanks in anticipation


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Re: I can't reset my AP 350! Will a hammer do it?

It transpires I had to:

"Reset for Boot-block Versions 1.02 and Later"

This procedure was found in a doccument here:

- also, word is that the hammer method works too :O)


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Re: I can't reset my AP 350! Will a hammer do it?

With a console cable connected, power cycle the AP and wait til it finishes booting. Then you have 2 minutes to enter:


No spaces and you must include the colon ":"

This should reset the AP to factory defaults including passwords.

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