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I have to assign a ip address to 1600i AP statically without a controller

I am trying to configure a Lightweight 1600i  Access point as an autonomous AP. I have downloaded the IOS & set up the TFTP server.I have taken a console CLI access to the AP. To access the tftp server i have to assign a ip address to the AP. Whenever I assign a IP address to the BVI 1 interface it starts finding the controller & when it doesnt find it, it automatically switches to dhcp. My TFTP server & access point are in same subnet & connected via a switch. How should i assign a ip to AP & find a active connectivity between AP & TFTP server

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Hi,If you have Autonomous


If you have Autonomous image on AP then you dont need WLC.


If its finiding WLC menas it have Lightweight image.

How to register AP to WLC:



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Hello Sandeep,Yes it is

Hello Sandeep,

Yes it is having a LIghtweight image & have to change the IOS to make it work as Autonomous & that is what i've asked for.

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Hi Pratik,First download IOS

Hi Pratik,

First download IOS image from Cisco.

Here si the link:

1. Start TFTP server, Put IOS file in TFTP root directory

2. Trnasfer this ios file to AP by helping this post:



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Hi,So you are trying to


So you are trying to convert the AP from lightweight to autonomous.

Please follow these steps:

1)console to your AP and issue the below command:

debug capwap console cli

2)Assign  an ip address to BVI interface.

3)Download the autonomous ios via tftp

archive download-sw /overwrite /force-reload tftp://<<tftp ip address>>/<<image name>>


Hope this helps,


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Dear Christos,Whenever I

Dear Christos,

Whenever I assign an ip address to BVI interface AP automatically starts searching for WLC through that ip & when it doesn't find one within a minute it sets ip address of BVI interface to DHCP. I'm not able to ping my TFTP server


Hi,1. If you are going the


1. If you are going the configure your AP from LWAP to Autonomous, erase the start-up config of your AP by issuing the command erase nvram, as the       erase nvram command does not erase a static IP address. 

2. make sure you are following the right step as mention in the below link.

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