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I'm having trouble setting uo a Hybrid REAP overseas US based controller

The regulatory domain configured on it '-E' does not match the controller's country code: USA

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Re: I'm having trouble setting uo a Hybrid REAP overseas US base

Hi Oscar,

You will need to upgrade to WLC code to a 4.1 version. Have a look;

Note Controllers running software release 4.0 or earlier do not have the ability to control access points in more than one regulatory domain.

Configuring Country Codes

Controllers and access points are designed for use in many countries with varying regulatory requirements. The radios within the access points are assigned to a specific regulatory domain at the factory (such as -E for Europe), but the country code enables you to specify a particular country of operation (such as FR for France or ES for Spain). Configuring a country code ensures that each radio's broadcast frequency bands, interfaces, channels, and transmit power levels are compliant with country-specific regulations.

Generally, you configure one country code per controller, the one matching the physical location of the controller and its access points. However, controller software release 4.1 allows you to configure up to 20 country codes per controller. This multiple-country support enables you to manage access points in various countries from a single controller.

Guidelines for Configuring Multiple Country Codes

Follow these guidelines when configuring multiple country codes:

The multiple-country feature is not supported for use with Cisco Aironet mesh access points. If a mesh access point is already connected to the controller, multiple-country configuration is rejected. If multiple-country support is configured, mesh access points are not permitted to join the controller.

When the multiple-country feature is being used, all controllers intended to join the same RF group must be configured with the same set of countries, configured in the same order.

When multiple countries are configured and the radio resource management (RRM) auto-RF feature is enabled, the auto-RF feature is limited to only the channels that are legal in all configured countries and to the lowest power level common to all configured countries. The access points are always able to use all legal frequencies, but non-common channels can only be assigned manually.


Note If an access point was already set to a higher legal power level or is configured manually, the power level is limited only by the particular country to which that access point is assigned.


When multiple countries are configured, the 802.11a network is disabled for all countries if any country does not support the 802.11a radio or there are no common channels on the 802.11a radio.

You can configure country codes through the controller GUI or CLI.

Here's how;

Hope this helps!


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