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I need Help implementing and deciding

Hello, i have a small bussiness (6 pc) and i bought a AP1100 and wireless nic for each pc,so far so good, the thing is i live about 300 ft away from my ofice and i want to connect my home pc to the bussiness-network, what i need to acomplish this?

should i buy a wireless nic for my home pc and attach it to the AP, i have to buy an antenna? by the way between my house and the bussiness is a BIG building and the zone is very noisy

Any help will be really apreciated thanks for your time and support


Re: I need Help implementing and deciding

This may get the job done.

Please keep in mind that without doing an actual site survey this is only a guess. I know this is a wireless thread but at 300 feet away I would look into getting an underground cable run (fiber but Cat5e if on a budget) if the distance and topology allows for it. Just my 2 cents though.

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Re: I need Help implementing and deciding


"I would look into getting an underground cable run (fiber but Cat5e if on a budget)"

Category-rated UTP was designed for internal use only. Connecting copper between buildings should only be done professionally (if at all) because of the dangers of possible ground differential between the sites. Entrance protection at either end is a must, and it has to be properly installed (to cade / safety standards).

Fiber (or wireless) is the only way to go: Improperly installed copper can be deadly, and is recommended only in the rarest of circumstances.

For the original poster:

If you do not have real line of sight, chances are you're not going to make it. There are some rare situations where you can bounce a signal, but it's very tricky, and frequently results in an unusable signel due to multipath.

Maybe consider DSL or BB cable and using a VPN. Chances are you already have access at each site, it's probably just a matter of setting up a VPN. Ultimately it's likely that it will be your least expensive and safest alternative.

Good Luck


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