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IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC card (22P4592) Problem

Hi All,

I have two IBM laptops. One is a ThinkPad X31 with integrated wireless and the other is a ThinkPad T20 which uses a IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PCMCIA TypeII PC card for wireless connectivity. I have WEP enabled on the router.

My home network consists of a ADSL modem from D-Link (Model #: DSL-300G) and a wireless broadband router from Linksys (Model #: BEFW11S4). I am subscribed to a "so-called" broadband service which gives me 150 Kbps when it should actually give me 384 Kbps!

The X31 always connects to the router everytime and I am able to access the Interrnet successfully, while the T20 seems to connect with the router (I see the two monitors in the taskbar with 'excellent' connection at 11Mbps) BUT not to the Internet.

Now, I am wondering why this is so. Both the laptops are configured in exactly the same way and I can't figure out why the T20 is not able to access the Internet. I am suspecting that this problem may be due to the following reasons:

1. a faulty wireless card, or

2. the router needs further configuration to handle wireless PCMCIA cards, or

3. a laptop with a PCMCIA wireless card does not talk well with the Linksys router.

Could it be someother reason? What should I do to figure out the problem? Is there a way to troubleshoot a wireless card?

I look forward to all your replies and all your expert suggestions to better understand and correct this problem.

best regards,



Re: IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC card (22P4592) Problem

The solution may be something simple like upgrading the Linksys routers firmware or even the IBM client adapters firmware and drivers. To troubleshoot the IBM wireless card, you could try it in another laptop to see if you gain Internet access. If this does not fix your issues, then you may want to contact the technical support centers for the Linksys and the IBM devices.

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