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Improving Wireless Coverage in a Warehouse

Recently did a walk through of a site with 2 warehouses that are having wireless coverage issues.  Warehouse 1 has 1 3602e centrally located and is mostly open, with a few racks that run near the ceiling(these racks were added after the wireless was installed and weren't a part of the original floor design).  Warehouse 2 has 2 3602e's along one wall (about 60' apart).  Warehouse 2 also has the same racks incorporated.  The wireless extends and covers about half of Warehouse 2 (the half closer to the APs).  Obviously there is a need for a more access points and better coverage throughout the building, but I'm trying to get an idea if it's better to add an additional 2 3602e's in Warehouse 2 and move one of the current APs further down or to look into Yagi's or some sort of directional antenna for the space.  Also for Warehouse 1 I was thinking of at least 1 more 3602e (possibly 2), to saturate the area and ensure adequate coverage.  All the APs go back to a 2504 controller running 7.2.110 code.  I've found a few "extra" wireless devices that they have setup (an old pre-existing 1242 that is broadcasting but not being used, 1 or 2 consumer access points that were left by the previous tenant and haven't been removed yet, 1 or 2 SSIDs that they've allowed departments to bring in so they have wireless connectivity amongst themselves) that I'm trying to get them to remove, but for now I'm trying to clean up and get this going as best as possible.

This is for RF handheld scanners. They currently have AIR-ANT2524DW-R antennaes attached to the APs.


Improving Wireless Coverage in a Warehouse

A proper survey focused on what business objectives to met would be best.

You do not state what the client is using the wi-fi for.  Voice, data and location services all have different needs.

Winging it,  I would go with more APs rather than/or using directional antennas.

Keep the following in mind:

the upstream traffic from the client. It is a two-way conversation.

RF shadows caused by obstacles.

You could move the APs around in warehouse 2.  You state they are on the same wall, with low gain external omni

AIR-ANT2524DW-R antennas.  Try moving one AP to the opposite wall so coverage cells are in adjacent coverage pattern vs linear.

If the APs cannot be moved, consider a better coverage pattern antenna like the  AIR-ANT2566P4W-R=

Here is a great guide to selecting the proper antenna


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Improving Wireless Coverage in a Warehouse

Thanks.  I realize now that I did forget to state the usage.  This isn't for a voice deployment.  It will primarily be used for handheld scanners that will be reading information off of pallets as they move around the warehouse.  I've asked that the 2nd AP in Warehouse 2 be moved, as well as an additional 2 being installed.  I'll look into the other antennaes as well to see if it better fits their needs.

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Improving Wireless Coverage in a Warehouse

I realize now that I did forget to state the usage.  This isn't for a voice deployment. 

Voice deployment is very "tricky".  If you don't enough AP on the floor, you'll get dropout with your voice handset.  This is why if you deploy your APs to a voice-grade (even though you don't forsee any plans for wireless voice) then what do you think will be the outcome for your scanners to roam from one AP to another?

Do a site survey for a voice-grade deployment and your scanners will thank you for it.

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