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Initial 4402 and VLAN Config Questions

We have a 4402 connected through a 3750 with ints as follows:






Internal DHCP Server enabled at

In viewing the port address table on the switch connecting to the WLC, no traffic is showing on VLAN100 (port is tagged for that VLAN). Any ideas?

Also, is there a need for a NAT box anywhere to translate IPs between the distinct subnets?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Initial 4402 and VLAN Config Questions

No need to NAT... I don't understand what you wrote...

Management and ap-manager interface on the controller should be tagged as "0" (untagged) and the trunk port should have native vlan (vlan this is on)

On the WLN where you created the ssid, make sure you set the interface to that of vlan 100.

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Re: Initial 4402 and VLAN Config Questions

A net engineer recommended a NAT box for routing wireless clients to the default gateway for campus. My thinking was that the controller already "knows" where that is and would handle the routing, but I can't find enough detail in the documentation to confirm. The resolution of this question probably leads to the answer of what gateway address gets used in the dynamic interface for the wireless (VLAN100) network. Currently it's pointing at the NAT box on the 10.10 subnet. Should it be pointing at the address on the controller?

All other settings are as fella5 suggested.

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Re: Initial 4402 and VLAN Config Questions

Hi Hoof,

I haven't used NAT, just a standard router.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "pointing at the address on the controller", if you're talking about the ap-manager or management interfaces then that is definitely not what you want (unless I've completely misunderstood you).

Yes, the gateway address on your dynamic interface for vlan 100 should be the gateway on your router. The other "IP Address" parameter is a free address from the subnet that is associated with vlan 100 which I believe is used to route (for want of a better term) between the WLC and your wired network.

Hoping this is helpful.


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Re: Initial 4402 and VLAN Config Questions


You did understand. So, my understanding is that my dynamic interface on VLAN 100 is with gateway of on default VLAN. That router will handle all routing between VLANs and off-network. Correct?



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