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Intermec CK31 & AP1232


I deployed seven(7) 1232APs in a warehouse. If I power-ON APs one by one, I am getting good coverage. If all APS are ON, one or two access points don't transmit at all as evidenced by RF enabled Handheld(CK31 by Intermec) because I am getting signal from neighboring APs and not with the AP I am directly below with. What could be the problem?

Referring to the attachement, if I test & ping from CK31, some of the access point don?t transmit RF(ex. If I am below AP1 at channel 11, I am receiving signal from AP2 at channel 1. I thought that AP1(Ch 11) is down but ping data(ping xx.xx.xx.xx ?t) at my Laptop never had a ?Request time out?. If I am directly below AP1(Ch 11), I should get signal from here, right? Why am I getting signal from AP2 as if AP1 is OFF?


Re: Intermec CK31 & AP1232

It's gonna depend somewhat on the type of antennas you are using.

Since the antennas tend to radiate (more or less ) sideways (not from the tip or bottom of the antenna), you more likely to get a better signal from the AP(s) you are beside, not under.

If you started at a point equidistant from two APs operating at the same power levels, you should see pretty much the same signal strength and (probably) quality from both.

What type of antennas are you using (stick/Omni, panel/omni ... model number)?

Let us know


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Re: Intermec CK31 & AP1232

antennas are ANT1728 - 2.4 GHz, 5.2 dBi Ceiling Mount Omni. Thanks!

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Re: Intermec CK31 & AP1232

Where can I get a user's manual for 1200 Series Web Browser Interface, or probably a link for it? A client wants to see the descriptions of all the functions on the Interface for proper configuration of the 1232 model. Thanks.

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Re: Intermec CK31 & AP1232

Few things to try or look at:

Make sure that antennas are on the B radio connectors not the the A connectors

Adjacent cells should be on the non overlapping FQs---either 1, 6, or 11

If diversity is on (default)then two antennas need to be used and antennas have to be the same type and oriented in the same direction. Don't point directional antennas away from each other.

Try using a notebook with a Cisco client card and the Cisco ACU survey utility to survey the site. Using the ACU you will see yourself roam as you move through the site. Lack of roaming may indicate that the AP's are too close together with too much overlap. The ACU will also tell you a lot about your infrastucture, i.e. fast vs. slow cell size, interference, lost packets etc.

If you don't see roaming, you could try to drop the power on a few or all of the APs. By lowering the power you will shrink the cells and would force the CK31 to roam.

Hope this helps

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