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IOS CLI for WPA2 needed..


I can't get my 871w to enable WPA2 for it. I found a reference to "wpa version 2" as CLI which my rather new IOS doesn't seem to understand.

So how to enable WPA2 via CLI commands? And by the way do you have a link to the wireless CLI reference?

Ciao, Bernd


Re: IOS CLI for WPA2 needed..

I seem to remember that the 871 series does not support AES. I last touched one of these well over 6 months ago, and I remember being surprised that it didn't support it. Without AES, there's no way to configure WPA2.

To find out, enter the following:

int Dot11Radio0

encryption mode ciphers ?

If it lists aes, you're good. If not, you'll need to use WPA and TKIP, which is still a good solution.

New Member

Re: IOS CLI for WPA2 needed..

Hi Jeff,

thanks for message and the help - I appreciate that!

Yes my router shows the option:

CiscoKunr(config)#int Dot11Radio 0

CiscoKunr(config-if)#encryption mode ciphers ?

aes-ccm WPA AES CCMP

tkip WPA Temporal Key encryption

wep128 128 bit key

wep40 40 bit key

And I set it to aes-ccm, but my client (Macbook) says it's still WPA and not WPA2 like my D-Link wireless. Is the message of the Mac OSX wrong or do I miss something else in the setting for WPA2?

Ciao, Bernd

New Member

Re: IOS CLI for WPA2 needed..

Hi Jeff,

it's me again. I checked the WLAN again with a Windwos cleitn and yes - now with the setting aes-ccm its shown as WPA2!

Thanks again!


Re: IOS CLI for WPA2 needed..

Great, glad to hear it! Now I'm second-guessing myself, I think it was an 1841 wireless module that didn't support AES.

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