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New Member

IOS upgrade on Cisco AP1220B

I have Cisco AP 1220B running IOS 12.2(15)JA and want to upgrade to 12.3(8)JEA

I type "archive /safe /overwrite /reload t" I get the error message "% tar checksum error" "ERROR failed to open archive file" Any suggestions?


Re: IOS upgrade on Cisco AP1220B

First thing I see is your missing the .tar on the end of your file name.

archive download-sw /(overwrite or safe but not both) /reload tftp://x.x.x.x/(wherever you put the image usually TFTP Root)/image-name.tar

Overwrite just overwrites the file -

Safe waits until the download was successful and then overwrites the file - I think

New Member

Re: IOS upgrade on Cisco AP1220B

Your the man! I added .tar to the end of the filename and got rid of the /safe command and away we went. I've got about about 31 AP's to upgrade, so far the first 5 have went ok.


Re: IOS upgrade on Cisco AP1220B

If you happen to have a POE capable switch laying around you can plug your AP's into it assign each of them an IP address on the subnet your TFTP server is on and do them all one at a time using some cut and paste and bust them out before lunch.

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