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iPad's randomly disconnecting/ Hopping AP's

I have a 5508 controller with a mixed AP enviroment of 3502 and 3602's. There are about 30 iPad's on their own hidden SSID using WPA2 PSK's. About half remain connected as expected while the other half disconnect from time to time and on ocassion need to be manually rejoined to the network. I have tested another device (laptop) on the same SSID and experience no issue. At this moment I am not sure of the versions of software on the iPad's but the controller is running I've noticed in the logs that the problematic iPad's are jumping between 2 access points and alternating between the 24.Ghz and 5 Ghz spectrum. So far I am kind of stumped. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? And if so what steps were taken to resolve the resolution?

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hey,1. Are you using WPA2


1. Are you using WPA2 with AES or TKIP ?

With these Apple devices its a know issue that they might fail to connect if you use the wrong type of encryption. If using WPA2, then you should use AES. and WPA with TKIP. dont mix them.

2. Cisco deffered version  so either you should use Stable version) or go for



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I will look into what it is

It is set at WPA2 with AES. It is confirmed that the working vs problematic iPad is running the same software version/update. It looks like the controller version may be the next item toinvestigate.

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HIHave you enabled "band


Have you enabled "band-select" ? If not try to enable that & see the difference.

Load balance should be disabled.

Both can be set in WLAN Advanced tab




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It sounds like a coverage

It sounds like a coverage issue with the RSSI power balance between 5 and 2.4  

or a combination of band select and aggressive load balancing settings on the controller

Have you read up on Ciscos' recommendation for Apple devices?

Enterprise Best Practices for Apple Mobile Devices on Cisco ...

Check out the troubleshooting section. You can compare the details to a debug client <mac address> on the controller

Also,  have you performed a packet capture to see what is happening at the management layer?

Cisco Employee

It seems to be the issue of

It seems to be the issue of the software on the IPAD or the interference issue

are the software on all the ipad is same?

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