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Ipad traffic - port recopy

Hi to all,


I'm facing a very strange problem that I do not understand. So I'm submitting it here, maybe an expert could solve it ;)

I use to analyse network traffic using port recopy on switches, then redirect traffic to another port so that I can capture it using wireshark for instance.

It works very well, most of the time I recopy the AP ethernet port (AP is in flexconnect mode) so that I can get rid of all packet encryption.

Now, here is my problem, I do NOT see any traffic from Ipad or Iphone devices.

The port recopy is OK, I connect a laptop on wireless, I browse some web site etc and I can see all the packet on my other laptop running wireshark. I do the same thing with an Ipad, and in this case, no packet at all on my wireshar console. What is even stranger, If I do a ping from my laptop connected on wireless to the Ipad IP, I'm able to see the echo request and the echo reply on the wireshark console! But that's all.

If i sniff the Ipad traffic using Airmagnet  Wifi Analyser Pro, I'm able to see all of its traffic.

Did you face this problem in the past? I attached a diagram showing the setup to this discussion

Many thanks









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