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IPM on IE-3000-8TC with AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9

How does IPM (Intelligent Power Management) work on IE-3000 switches (as compared to C2960G)?

I have a 1242 AP that connects via AIR-PWRINJ3 to an IE-3000 switch. For the management of the AP I have two WLC4404.

When I use the same configuration as I use for my C2960G access switches the AP only gets 5.8 watt. When I tick "Power Injector State" in the WLC Wireless>ap name>Advanced section it gets 15 watt. What do IE-3000 and C2960G do differently in IPM? In a Wireshark trace I see that on the IE-3000 three CDP messages are sent and on the C2960 four, but on both switches I do not see an explicit reply from the switch.

Anybody who has more knowledge or a link to a document that helps me understand this is very welcome.

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