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Is it must to use all three antenas in 1250 series for wireless n?

I want to use Cisco 1250 series devices ( AIR-LAP1252G-E-K9  at 2.4 GHZ ) with wireless controller of 4400 or 5500 series.

I want to use wall mount patch antenas (I will choose any one of the  following models)

AIR-ANT2460P-R   6 dBi Patch Antenna


AIR-ANT2465P-R   Diversity Patch 6.5 dBi


AIR-ANT2485P-R   Patch  8.5 dBi

Now my questions are :

01. The 1250 series has options for three antenas it must to use all the three antenas on each LAP ?

02.Suppose I want my Access point to support wireless G and Wireless N ,then can i get it done by using ONLY ONE ANTENA?

03.Suppose I want  my LAP to support only wireless n clients then can I use only one antena on each access point?

04.There are thick concrete walls comming on the way.Which of the above antenas you suggest best?

Thanx in advance.Please answer.



Community Member

Re: Is it must to use all three antenas in 1250 series for wirel

As far as I know and my knowledge

01. You don't have to use all three antennas, they are only If you want to use higher bandwidth (below 54 mbs)

02.Yes it seems that you can use only one same antenna( I configure to use one antenna o wlc 4402 for both g and n, there wasn't any error mesage after apply such configuration, g works without any problem, I didn't test N.

03. Yes you can use only one antenna as in question 01

04. On this question I can't help you, I use AIR-ANT2485P-R   Patch  8.5 dBi for range 80m without any problem, but no walls

I hope that I help you a little and sorry for my bad english


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