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Is my 1400 bridge dying?

I have a pair of Aironet 1400's that have been up and running for about 5 years now. Week before last, and now this morning, one of the bridges inexplicably went offline, couldn't be connected or telnetted to, and wasn't pingable. It happned twice, almost 24 hours apart, and then was fine all of last week, and now again this morning. In all cases, power-cycling brought the bridge back on line and operational.

What is the life expectancy of one of these bridges? I have no idea even where to begin troubleshooting this issue.

Any feedback would be appreciated.



Re: Is my 1400 bridge dying?


   I am not sure where your located, but it could be a cable or corrosion problem if the connections aren't sealed properly. I have see the bridges experience similar issues when they have communication issues, I have also seen where the Injector module has taken an hit and started to behave oddly. I have had bridges in service for atleast that long...  My first thing would be to check the connections at the bridge... Many times they aren't sealed properly and corrode and then when they get wet wierd stuff happens.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Is my 1400 bridge dying?

Thank you Kayle for the quick reply. I'm in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I will check my connections. My radio is mounted above a suspended cieling in the plenum space, where the antenna cable then penetrates to the roof and then on to the external antenna.  The power injector is about 40 feet away, here in my office, on a small server rack. The connections are tight here, so I'll check the radio and antenna next.


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