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Issue with aironet

Hello guys

I had deployed the following in my office network

ASA 5510

WLC 2504

Aironet 3501

In my office around 55 devices connect to internet (will increase by time) and the internet connection is painfully slow even though I have fiber optic link of 100MB. With the same internet connection using Apple's TimeCapsule there is no problem. Is there anything I should check in the config of WLC or ASA? Any suggestion how to get better performance? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Issue with aironet

are your AP connected to a gigport on the switch?  the 2504 has a 300Mbps backplane limitation, you may want to run your AP in HREAP mode, if they are on gigports, to keep the traffic flowing as fast as it can, versus a possible bottleneck of the WLC.


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Re: Issue with aironet

All 55 clients connect to a single 3501?

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Issue with aironet


How many clients are recommented to connect to Aironet 3501 at a time?

Issue with aironet

Generally it's only recommended to have 15-20 per AP, with 25 being considered high.  But it also depends on what they are doing on the wireless.

If you have ~55 clients, I would get another AP to help with the client load.


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Issue with aironet

Now when you said that 55 clients connect to the internet and their surfing is painfully slow, did you try to compare this with  wired access?

I mean what kind of router do you have?  Does your router have the capacity to push 100mb of traffic?

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Issue with aironet

We dont have router at this time. Firber optic terminates in ASA5510 which is further connected to a layer two Cisco SG 100-16 Gigabit switch. WLC 2504 connectes to switch and Aironet 3501. All equipment is located in the same room.

Whatever equipment we connect to swtich, there is no problem. We get super fast internet speed. So issue is with only wireless connection.

I am planning to buy two more APs but how it will affect the internet connectivity if new two APs are connected wirelessly with WLC? I got Cisco wireless solution to avoid wired connection but seems that it is not sufficient.

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