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It´s possible to add Cisco AP´s managed by 3650 not directly connected?

Hi Everybody,

I´m going to setup a new Cisco 3650 in where I pretend to add 5 new AP´s, 4 of them are close to the MDF and they are going to be connected directly to the Cisco 3650 but the other one isn´t possible to be connected directly to the Cisco 3650. According the information published by Cisco, isn´t possible to add and manage Cisco LWAP Ap´s that aren´t connected directly to the Cisco 3650, can someone can confirm if it´s possible to add AP´s not directly connected to the Switch 3650 in order to be managed as LWAP AP´s?

Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, all will need

Unfortunately, all will need to be directly connected in this scenario.  

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Hi Adam, Do you know if it´s

Hi Adam,


Do you know if it´s possible this feature in the Switches 3850? Or the only option is to adquire small WLC?


Thanks for your answer.



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Same story with the 3850. You

Same story with the 3850. You'd have to go with at least a 2504 to do what you're looking for. 

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Adam, Thanks for your answer.



Thanks for your answer. I was checking the Cisco documentation and accordint the specs, the 3850 are supporting CAPWAP:

Supports Cisco Converged Access mobility architecture with CAPWAP termination at the access


Any comments about this? :) Thanks!


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Yes it does, but only if

Yes it does, but only if directly connected. Read down further and you will see the following:


Q.    Does the Cisco Catalyst 3850 support indirectly connected access points?
A.     No. The Cisco Catalyst 3850 switch will always terminate the CAPWAP tunnel locally. Pass-through mode or indirectly connected access point is not supported at this time. Note that a Cisco Catalyst 3850 12-port or 24-port SFP model can be a good choice to act as mobility controller for a stack of Cisco Catalyst 3850 switches that terminate CAPWAP tunnels locally.
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Excellent!  So it seems we



So it seems we can connect a stack switch via Fiber and then connect the AP that is far of the MDF. :)

Thanks Adam! My best wishes.

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Correct :) No problem. 

Correct :) No problem. 

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Adam, Just a last question:



Just a last question:


The longest distance I can have between a switch stack and another is the stack length that will have my stack cable? 

Or. why it was mentioned that a Fiber switch can be used as a mobile controller extending the use of WLC?




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You can separate them and

You can separate them and build a switch peer group. Set one as an MC and one as an MA. 


This should help:


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Excellent Adam!It is possible

Excellent Adam!

It is possible to do this with the 3650?

What I understand is that I can connect two switches: 


Switch A ========= Switch B


Through a fiber multimode link, configure Switch A as MC and Switch B as MA and I can connect AP´s in the Switch B. Is that correct?


Thanks friend for your time and support.

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Yes and add them to an SPG.  

Yes and add them to an SPG. 


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Thanks so much friend! :D I

Thanks so much friend! :D 

I really appreciate your support. Have a nice day!

Yes it is

Yes it is

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