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Joining a Mesh 1522 to the network without priming?

Is it possible to join a new 1522 Mesh AP to the wireless network without priming it? I have an existing Mesh setup with 5 LAP1522 AP, they are running find with 2 RAPs and 3 MAPs. Is it possible to add another MAP by just plugging in powersuppy and mounting it is a location where it can receive good backhaul signal of the RAP? Reason for doing so is that I have web access to the WLC, but I do not have physical access to any LAN segment with logical connection to the WLC. (company red tapes in accessing resources blahblah) Can I just put in the mac-filter entry of the new 1522, power up and hope that it will join?

And yes, I have a dhcp server with option 43 as well as option 60 with the VCI input all enabled and working fine (layer 3 mode with dhcp address for all APs).

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Re: Joining a Mesh 1522 to the network without priming?

MESH is always sort of tricky. You can hope that it join... I have seem and heard stories of how ling it can take to come up. Here is a link that you might already have:

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Re: Joining a Mesh 1522 to the network without priming?

Has anyone been successful in adding a brand new out-of-box Mesh AP 1522 to an established Mesh network without priming initially? In my lab, it has been running for hours and nothing happen. Debugging lwapp also shows that no packets are received from the new AP. However, if i ethernet connect the AP to the network, and after it gets primed, it will work and function as a MAP and joins the network readily. Any help is appreciated.

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