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L3 LWAPP Discovery reject wrong vlan...


I have 10 APs (Static IP) connected to my existing Wireless LAN controller in subnet of 192.168.1.x network in VLAN 127.

The WLC (ver 4.1.171) is connected to a switch in trunk mode carrying VLANs 127-128. The managemet interface is configured as part of VLAN 128 subnet. AP Manager interface is configured under VLAN 127 and having IP address

Now, I am getting L3 LWAPP Discovery reject messages on WLC giving the Wrong VLAN error.

Is there any solution for this?

And also, I am able to create WLAN interfaces (like WIFI for VLAN 128) but not able to assign the same interface in SSID config page. It's getting defaulted to Management interface and NOT giving option to choose any other interface. What's the use of creation of dynamic interfaces in this case?



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L3 LWAPP Discovery reject wrong vlan...

Hi Ashok,

Cisco recommends both AP-MGR and Management interface to be in same VLAN.

In your setup, you have mentioned your management interface is in vlan 128, I wonder how you could create a new interface in the same vlan again. Have you configured management interface to be untagged



Cisco Employee

L3 LWAPP Discovery reject wrong vlan...

It is totally OK to have different subnets for management an AP manager. The message you are seeing is because the APs send a broadcast discovery and since they are on AP manager subnet, they reach the WLC on that vlan with discoveries (and discovery requests are expected on the management interface).

The message is not a problem by itself if you configured DNS resolution or any other mechanism for the AP to learn the management ip of the WLC. You also need a gateway to route between those 2 subnets.

To create dynamic interfaces you need to assign them extra vlans on top of your 127,128.

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