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L3 roaming requirement with 1130

I have wireless setup as follows;

Central company manages the network infrastructure inclusing wireless setup for group of companies;

1. Wireless setup based on central WISM card on 6500.

2. 1130 APs reside in multiple subnets.

3. They all have same SSID.

4. Few compaqnies reside in the same buiding. Their wireless ranges usually overlaps and is perfectly expecgted scenario.

5. Obviously the APs reside in differant IP subnets, and may be associated with the same WLC unit in WISM.

6. Clients want to roam between the APs.

7.They are already in same mobility group.

Question: Can we achieve L3 roaming with this scenario ?


Re: L3 roaming requirement with 1130

Yes, you're already set up for L3 roaming. By configuring your controllers to be in the same mobility group, your clients will be able to roam from an AP on one controller and one subnet to an AP on another controller in a different subnet, all running the same SSID. The controllers do this by creating a mobility tunnel back to the other controller, so the original controller is still the point of presence for that client.

Just make sure that the SSID uses the same security on both controllers. If you use different WPA keys, for example, your clients won't be able to roam from one controller to the other.

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Re: L3 roaming requirement with 1130

With your setup, when a user roams, he or she will keep the ip address they have initially obtained. This is how mobility works and why you can roam smoothly. Even if you have AP Groups configured in which you have one ssid and maybe on different floors you have it assigned to different subnets, the user or device will keep its original ip address no matter if they are in an area which users or devices are on a different subnet. Release and renew will allow then to get the ip from that area, but then you don't have roaming.

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