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LAN AND DSL Traffic on Same AP

Hi- I want to setup a AP1200 with two SSID's one that will have dsl traffic (ip address of 192.168.254.x) and the other VLAN would be for internal only to have access to our internal lan only (ip address of 10.110.10.x) I understand setting up multiple vlans to proper ssid's. But would I have to get into the router and do something (2600 series) ? or Ip Helper? End result is that I want miltiple SSID's on one access point that are essentially two different netwroks. Any commands examples would be great and where, tips would be helpful. I have the docs on the Using vlans with Cisco aironet equipment. that shows how to but my issue is two different networks on one AP.

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Re: LAN AND DSL Traffic on Same AP

Not sure if AP alone can do the tricks.

But AP + Wireless LAN Controller will be a sure case.

any expert can comment on this? thanks

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Re: LAN AND DSL Traffic on Same AP

In the case of Wireless controller + Switch + AP scenario.

Go to WLC admin page, click on NEW to create WLAN SSID. 2106 can support up to 8 ssid IIRC.

say you created SSID WLAN1, click on edit. and select Management as interface. this SSID would be associated with your internal VLAN.

Before you create the 2nd WLAN SSID. Go to CONTROLLER->INTERFACES->give your dynamic interface a name and a VLAN ID. this VLAN ID must be the same as your switch port (switchport mode access,switchport access VLAN ID)this dynamic interface is for your DSL VLAN.

repeat the same SSID creation as WLAN SSID1 and name it SSID2 or etc.

also at your DSL router, assign it to be DHCP server. under the new WLAN SSID2 click edit.and change the interface named to be the dymanic interface name that you created.and make sure admin status is enabled.and client connect to the SSID2 will get the ip from your DSL dhcp.

just my 0.002 cent worth

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Re: LAN AND DSL Traffic on Same AP

The DSL Modem is/will be also act as DCHP as well. Basically I want to take a laptop into a conference room and be able to connect to one of the two networks. One that is our internal infrastructure and the other (DSL).

My equipment is 1230 series AP. My switches already have the two networks vlan'd. My internal network is 'native' vlan 1 the dsl traffic is vlan 100. I will map the dsl ssid to vlan 100 and the internal to vlan 1. This all sound correct for everyone? Please advise. of any other options or commands. Also I have the G radio in this AP

Re: LAN AND DSL Traffic on Same AP

The 1200 Series AP can support up to 16 SSIDs mapped to different VLANs. The 802.11b/g radio is a single device, so you cannot seperate access, but if you have an 802.11a module you can assign to a subset of the SSIDs.

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