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LAP manual configuration

Hello All

I have to manually configure my 1131 LAPs for controllers IP addresses.

I configured one of them. It joined the controller and downloaded the new code and config. I then cleared its config. Now it does not find the controller.

When I try to re-configure the controller IP address, I get "AccessPoint#clear lwapp ap controller ip address

ERROR!!! Command is disabled."

On the following page it states that I should do:

set the username/password of the AP from the controller CLI with the config ap username <name> password <pwd> <cisco-ap>/all command.

But, there is no config command on the version


Thanks a lot


New Member

Re: LAP manual configuration

To use the 'config ap user....' command, the AP needs to be joined to the wlc. If your issue is getting the AP to join then this will be no good; because you did not set the username and password when the LAP joined the WLC, you have removed any config privellages.

You can either reload the software image on the LAP with a tftp server or create a means for the AP to dynamically find the WLC, via DHCP opt43 or DNS etc.

What is the reason for manual config anyway?

Hope this helps.


Re: LAP manual configuration

"clear lwapp ap controller ip address" and "lwapp ap controller ip address" commands work only while running a recovery image that you use to convert from Autonomous to LAP. Once the LAP joins the WLC, it will download the new LWAPP image and overwrite the recovery image. LWAPP image doesn't allow you to use those commands.

You have two options:

1. Convert it back to Autonomous, then convert back to LAP using recovery image. You can then prime it with the controller IP address with those commands. Converting back to autonomous is a very quick and easy procedure

2. Use another method to discover WLC's IP:

a. Put the LAP on the same subnet as the WLC's MGMT IP. LAP will use broadcast to find it.

b. Configure DHCP on a local IOS default gateway to provide option 43 and reboot the LAP. Something like this:

ip dhcp pool TEST



option 43 hex f104.032d.2f90

f1 = 241 (leave as is)

04 = 4 octets IP address.

032d.2f90 = (MGMT IP address of my WLC)

c. Configure DHCP on local IOS default gateway to provide DNS server and domain name to the LAP. Make sure your DNS server resolves "" to WLC's mgmt IP.

ip dhcp pool TEST





New Member

Re: LAP manual configuration

Thanks a lot for the suggestions.

Actually, reset the AP to factory defaults by holding down the MODE while reconnecting the power.

Hall of Fame Super Gold

Re: LAP manual configuration

Hi Bo,

The "lwapp" command is not allowed if you are running the LWAP image. The LAP should have the RCV and LWAP image. In enable mode you can delete the LWAP image using the delete /f /r flash:.

How you were able to delete the config after the LWAP image was downloaded is a mystery to me.

Hope this helps.

Re: LAP manual configuration

he probably clicked "clear all config" button in AP configuration page on WLC. He mentioned that his AP joined the controller at one point in time

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Re: LAP manual configuration

Hi Roman,

Right you are. He cleared the config and reloaded the LAP ... and he's back to square one.