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LAP to WLC - Maximum RTT Delay Limits in the real World!


I've seen the design related info that says the maximum RTT between the LAP and its WLC has to be less than 300ms.

I'm working on a solution where a number of the APs will be across WAN links where the RTT are from 250ms to 323ms. Has anyone experience of the types of problems that occur when the 300ms is exceeded, or indeed is there a real world RTT value that we should work to rather than the stated values? Has anyone installed Aps where the RTT is greater than 300ms and is it reliable? I ask as I can find no references to this on or in the CAPWAP RFC and our competiors (in the bid) using non-Cisco products are very clear that this is not a problem for them.

Any guidance much appreciated as usual.

Thanks. Phil.C

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Re: LAP to WLC - Maximum RTT Delay Limits in the real World!


Voice issues would be the biggest concern.  Part of the reason we keep a 300ms RTT is because you need to have 150ms RTT for voice to work cleanly.  While the AP may stay connected at 323ms, you will most likely have some voice issues.

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