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LDAP Configuration Cisco Controller

Hello Everyone

I have a bit confussed with LDAP configuration in the controller cisco 5508, my client has a LDAP server, there are many users authenticated by LAN Network, if device is in Domain, users connected to wired network are authenticated with user/ password typed; client wants associated a WLAN configured on controller to this LDAP, in order to get access with the same credentials configured in LDAP.  How can I do it?



Cisco Employee

Hi, I did not get the



I did not get the question completely. But yes , you can authenticate wireless user connecting to particular Wlan with LDAP server where LDAP server acts like an authentication data base.

For example , Users connecting to web-auth Wlan can be authenticated using LDAP server:

Similarly , dot1x users can also be authenticated. For that WLC has to be made Local EAP server and a local profile has to be created under Security > Local EAP. This is described in detail in any WLC configuration guide.



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Dera Dhiresh,Thanks for your

Dera Dhiresh,

Thanks for your reply, just one doubt, is clear for me the procedure for integrating LDAP to WLC, however I want to know if there users just will be able to connect in devices included in Domain Controller (would be great if yes) or just WLC and LDAP will compare credentials and users would be access from any device either if not included in domain controller?.


Thanks and best regards.

Cisco Employee

Hi,I dont think I have


I dont think I have understood your question correctly. If I guess correctly , You are talking about Machine and User authentication. Here I was talking about the user authentication only. It can be put on any device.If you are using EAP-TLS ,then valid certificates would be required on the WLC and no LDAP would be required as WLC is acting like a Radius server and using LDAP server just as a database. So if you are inside the laptop , you can use username/password defined in the LDAP server to get the wireless access.





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